News & Insights from Mecenat

TraineeGuiden ramps up with a new website and logo

New report from UngInsikt – Good away or best at home?

Mecenat presents this year’s Students’ Award – Sweden’s most attractive employer

Mecenat Talang – where competence meets demand

New report from UngInsikt – Clothing consumption and sustainability

Demoskop and Mecenat launch strategic collaboration – release first report with survey from Framtidspanelen

A change in buying patterns when students shop for food

Mecenat Touchdown goes on tour to 10 campuses

Mecenat student discounts can save loads of money for Swedish students

Seniordays launches mobile app

Mecenat Student celebrates 25 and Alumni 5 years

Mecenat Insights – Students’ views on working life

Mecenat Touchdown 2022 is now going out on campus

Mecenat Insights – How students buy furniture and interior design

The Mecenat app has exceeded three million downloads

Mecenat broadens its offer with employer branding

Mecenat expands its platform into Finland through the acquisition of Frank

Mecenat Insights – about course literature during the pandemic

Today we relaunch

Mecenat Adds New Affinity Group to its Focus through Acquisition of Seniordays

Mecenat Touchdown is back on campus

Mecenat extends the sponsoring of Göteborg Hockey Club

Swedish students save thousands of SEK with Mecenat

Extended collaboration between Mecenat and The Swedish Public Transport Association

Mecenat Insights – about books and reading

Mecenat Insights – About banks and payments

Mecenat to partner with IK Investment Partners

The Mecenat app celebrates 10 years

Mecenat in collaboration with Lunar – Sweden’s newest banking app

Mecenat Insights – Students’ travel and vacation

Mecenat Insights – The food is moving online

Very high grades when students review the Mecenat app

Student discount at Mio through Mecenat

Mecenat Insights: Students plan a low-key Christmas with distance in both celebration and shopping

The students saved millions on planned purchases during Black Week

Mecenat Insights – More students shop more online

Mecenat launches mobile app for Mecenat Alumni

Continued large increase for Mecenat during third quarter

Mecenat Touchdown – a campus tour that has moved online

Mecenat and Coop collaborate on student discounts

Mecenat Insights – The students are adapting and looking forward to summer vacation

New record for Mecenat student discounts

Weekday provides 10 percent student discount via Mecenat

Student discount at Mecenat on Dplay’s streamed offer

Mecenat and Let’s Gig gather all summer jobs for Swedish students

Mecenat Insights: More than 50 percent of the students have lost extra jobs

30 percent up on this year’s Easter egg hunt

Lindex and Mecenat offers student discounts in stores

Free marketing for local shops

All time high for the number of students with a Mecenat card

Mecenat increases web traffic to partners by 97 percent

Mecenat and MTR Express in new collaboration: offers 25% student discount!

Mecenat offers student discounts with IKEA Umeå

Mecenat Insights – New mobile phone every third year

Student discount at MQ/Marqet through Mecenat

Mecenat Insights – Students’ expectations at Black Week

Bolt taxi service with student discount at Mecenat

Lyko’s entire assortment with student discounts through Mecenat

Mecenat Insights – Students text rather than call

Mecenat has reduced the consumption of plastic by 21 tons

Mecenat starts collaborating with Matsmart

Mecenat Student coupons – a new market channel

Mecenat in cooperation with women’s hockey league

Mecenat Touchdown – this year’s campus tour

About students and their accommodation

Mecenat delivers student discount from H&M

Festival summer with Mecenat

Student discount at McDonald’s with Mecenat

Swedish students showed impressive commitment when Mecenat had Easter egg hunt

Student discount at Mecenat on electric scooters from VOI Technology

Mecenat AB in collaboration with the recruitment platform LetsGig

Mecenat develops the next generation membership system for Swedish student organisations

Great engagement in Mecenat’s competition with 22 000 contestants

Mecenat writes student discount agreement with Nordic Wellness

We are now launching Mecenat Alumni

Nu lanserar vi Mecenat Alumni

Mecenat Connect – a brand new way to purchase with student discounts.

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