Mecenat Talang – where competence meets demand

Mecenat continues to create added value for both students and companies, this time through the launch of Mecenat Talang. It is a platform that makes it easier for students to navigate through student life on to working life and where employers can build strong relationships and build brand recognition early on.

Through Mecenat Talang, companies that strive to build strong relationships with the best talents get a unique opportunity to do so. They can communicate their offers as an employer but also convey values and business culture, through a sender with a very high level of trust. It strengthens the brand and increases the impact of the company’s message.

Mecenat Talang offers a long-term strategy for employer branding that is valuable regardless of the economic situation or season. By being present on the platform, companies are always visible and accessible to potential candidates, which strengthens their supply of skills over time.

-Mecenat Talang enables employers to shape and communicate their messages effectively. Through Mecenat’s established communication channels, we ensure that they reach the right target group based on education and interests, among other things, and make them a natural part of the students’ everyday life, says Emelie Jonsson, Business Area Manager Career at Mecenat AB.

Mecenat follows the students already from high school, which gives companies a unique opportunity to establish brand awareness and relationships early on throughout their studies. Through Mecenat Talang, students get access to a place for everything they need for a richer student life. They can, among other things, apply for holiday jobs, Student programs, ex-jobs and their first employment after graduation.

For more information contact:
Emelie Jonsson, Business Area Manager Career, Mecenat AB