Mecenat presents this year’s Students’ Award – Sweden’s most attractive employer

For the second year in a row, Mecenat presents the Students’ Award, where Sweden’s students list the most attractive employers. Through the Mecenat Students’ Award, the focus is on the employers that Sweden’s students value most right now.

Mecenat Career has conducted a survey in which over 17,600 students have freely chosen their favorites among Sweden’s employers. The answers have resulted in a top list of Sweden’s most attractive employers according to the students based on the education they are studying.

According to the survey, we see, among other things, that of all responses, regardless of education, the municipality is ranked highest as an employer, followed by Volvo and the Police Authority. A clear trend we see linked to this is that safety and security weigh heavily in the choice of employer.

In this year’s top lists, we see that EY, PwC and SEB end up at the top among economics students again this year. The same goes for IT/Computer students, where we find that Google, Spotify and Microsoft still are at the top. Health/medical care students rank Region Skåne, Region Stockholm and Capio at the top of the list.

In addition to which companies the students consider most attractive, we can also see why they are considered attractive and how it differs between boys and girls. This year we see that a clear difference is that the female respondents believe that security is attractive, while for the men, the salary is an important factor.

For 25 years, Mecenat has been the obvious choice for a richer student life. During these years, relationships, trust and transparency have been created in the dialogue with the companies where the students want a student discount. In recent years, Mecenat has built on these relationships and created new opportunities for the students to have a richer student life.

– Mecenat Career makes it possible for employers to shape and communicate their employer brand in an effective way. Mecenat follows the students right from high school, which gives companies a unique opportunity to establish brand awareness and relationships early on throughout their studies. In addition, they get an insight into what tomorrow’s talents want from their future employer. Through Mecenat Career, students get access to a single place for everything they need for a richer student life. Among other things, they can apply for holiday jobs, student programs, ex-jobs and their first employment after graduation, says Emelie Jonsson, Business Area Manager for Mecenat Career.

The survey was conducted among Mecenat’s student members who are studying a post-secondary education during February 2024. The question was which company they would most like to work for after completing their studies and why. The results are presented based on their fields of study. The companies that received the most votes in the various categories have subsequently ended up in a top ten list.

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