Mecenat Group - member discounts for students, alumnis and 55+

Mecenat Group mediates Mecenat discounts to students, alumni, and 55+. We communicate with more than 2.6 million members. All of them have individually registered for our communication in order to take part in our offers. Most of the recipients are Generation Z, Millennials and 55+.

Students in Finland

About Mecenat Group

Through Mecenat Student, Mecenat Alumni, Seniordays and Finnish Frank Students, we offer discounts to make everyday life easier and make the money last longer. It gives our partners the opportunity to reach through the noise, increase sales and engage new customers among our members.

We have a close dialogue with our users, groups who are usually difficult to reach, and we are a very trusted sender. The trust is based on the fact that we always listen to the recipient’s needs and that resulted in our members themselves choosing to receive information about our offers.

We only work with students/members who are verified, in collaboration with almost 500 organizations providing up-to-date information. The member details are updated four times a year and our technical solution ensures that only students/members can use our partners’ offers.

Our brands

Our communication channels

App/Web - 1.6 million unique visitors per month

The obvious choice for those who search on their own for discounts.

Email - 1.6 million recipients

The original digital communication channel that still delivers with Mecenat as a credible sender.

Push notifications -
1.1 million recipients

Offers that are sent to the app users directly on the mobile.

SMS - 1.5 million recipients

A powerful message with a link to info and a purchase button on your partner page at Mecenat.

On campus/event

Recurring tours on university campuses or other events where we meet the students in real life.

Social media

We are active on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Google Ads with our own posts and advertising.


Getting started is easy. Send us an email and we’ll tell you how to do it. We look forward to hearing from you!