Mecenat starts collaborating with Matsmart

matsmart_bild-eko.jpg#asset:906Mecenat can now offer student discounts at Matsmart, the online grocery store that has a wide range of products that otherwise would have been discarded. The students will be offered 25 SEK student discount on already heavily discounted prices. At the same time they will make a difference when reducing food waste.

Matsmart sells food that is unnecessarily on its way to the dustbin; seasonal products, overproduction, products that change packaging or closing up on best before date. They only sell goods that do not require refrigeration or freezer. The range is offered from the start with a 20-90 per cent discount and now the students will receive an additional 25 SEK discount every time they shop for at least 250 SEK.

-The fact that students are involved in the environmental debate has probably not escaped anyone. That we can help put focus on Matsmart and at the same time give students the chance to lower both their food costs and food waste is really positive for the environment and the students’ economy, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

If the students shop for at least SEK 500, they also receive free shipping to their home address.