Mecenat Student coupons – a new market channel

Mecenat_studentkuponger.jpg#asset:902Mecenat recently launched student coupons as a new marketing channel for Sweden’s students. The reception among partners is very positive and the outcome far exceeds expectations. The traffic increase was on average 124 per cent for the partners who participated during the opening week.

Mecenat Student coupons had only been on the market for a few hours when it became clear that they were an instant success. It was a wide mix of partners who saw the potential right away and produced particularly attractive offers to be included in the first Student Coupons campaign. It paid off with an average traffic increase of 124 percent the first week and many thousands of visits to their stores by students who wanted to take advantage of their offers.

-Mecenat Student coupons are a complement to the e-commerce where we for a long time has been extremely strong. The coupons make it easier for our partners to have a breakthrough for their offerings over the counter. Already in the first week we showed that they are a very good reason for the students to visit our partners’ physical stores, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

The coupon offers are sent out as a push to the 85 percent of our users who subscribe to notifications in the Mecenat app. There they literally end up in the hand of the student, who always has the cellphone with them. The coupons also have their own section in the Mecenat app, which has 1.6 million downloads, and is segmented geographically for the offer always to be within reach.

The premiere week clearly shows that the students think it is worth walking a few extra meters in town to use their Student coupons.