TraineeGuiden ramps up with a new website and logo

Just over a year ago, Mecenat acquired TraineeGuiden, starting the process of integrating the businesses. As part of this work, a new website and graphic profile for TraineeGuiden are now being launched.

When Mecenat acquired TraineeGuiden, the benefits were clear. Mecenat’s comprehensive communication with students, combined with TraineeGuiden’s established concept for recruiting talent to companies, has clear advantages.

Over the past year, work has continued on integrating the operations and developing the concept. This has resulted in a new website for TraineeGuiden which is now being launched, along with a new logo and graphic profile. This aims to provide better opportunities for students and young professionals to more easily find and apply to trainee and graduate programs.

“With the new website, we have created a stable bridge from studies to work by offering Mecenat members a new career platform that seamlessly extends from student life into professional life,” says Emelie Jonsson, product owner at Mecenat AB.

Through TraineeGuiden’s services, Mecenat members now have access to support and guidance throughout their entire career journey. For Mecenat partners, this means increased visibility and the opportunity to attract even more quality candidates to their trainee or graduate programs.

TraineeGuiden and Mecenat see this as the first step in the continued development of the career market for the target group.

For more information, contact:
Emelie Jonsson, Product Owner, Mecenat AB

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