Mecenat and Let’s Gig gather all summer jobs for Swedish students

The Corona crisis has hit hard in large parts of our society. One group that is not mentioned much when it comes to consequences in the labor market are the students. They were hit hard when the tourist industry, hotels, restaurants and shops cut down on their businesses or completely closed down. Many of the students have temporary jobs, which are the first to disappear.

During the summer period, tens of thousands of students are directly depending on summer jobs to manage their livelihood when the studies take a break and study funding is therefore not paid. Recently, the Swedish government paid attention to this and announced that it’s now sending SEK 180 million to Sweden’s municipalities intended for summer jobs for young people.

Therefore, in cooperation with our partner company Let’s Gig, Mecenat has now taken the initiative, together with other companies and partners, to gather all of Sweden’s summer jobs and extra jobs on the company’s platform. This is done by offering, among other things, all jobs that are published at Swedish Public Employment Service directly to all their candidates. Also, companies that are looking for students can now publish ads for free directly on Let´s Gig’s platform and thus gain access to thousands of students at no cost.

Mecenat really want to push this issue and therefore encourage all companies, to the extent that it’s possible, to think about this summer’s staffing and together with us offer the young people of Sweden jobs this summer.

Mecenat CEO Jonas Levin is very pleased with the joint initiative that now makes it easier for students to find and apply for summer jobs.

-Let’s Gig has built an incredibly smooth service that not only publish all jobs, the students can also search in a modern and familiar interface, says Jonas Levin.

The Let’s Gig app has since the start been co-owned by Mecenat. It is designed with lots of smart features that present relevant and interesting jobs for the students.

For more info, contact:
Jonas Levin, CEO at Mecenat.
Phone: +46 706 89 19 01