Mecenat Insights: More than 50 percent of the students have lost extra jobs

More than half of the students have lost all or part of their extra jobs. Also, summer jobs have disappeared to a large extent. That shows the result of a survey that Mecenat Insights conducted last week.

Extra jobs and hourly positions in evenings and weekends, often in the service sector, play a big role for many groups in society, not least the student group. Together with the summer jobs, they are an important source of income and in many cases crucial for the students’ livelihood. A big part of these jobs has now disappeared due to recent actions against the spread of Covid 19.

Mecenat Insights asked the students what the reality looks like and 57 percent of respondents say they have lost all or part of their extra job. A little more than a third, 36 percent, say that they had retained their extra job as before and seven percent, almost all in health care, say that they’ve got more to do.

Among those who got their summer jobs before the restrictions, it seems a bit more positive. 59 percent expect to work as planned, while 37 percent have so far been told that there will be no summer job at all or that there will be fewer hours. Four percent, still in health care, expected more to do.

-We hope that our focus om Mecenat Jobs, where we have collected job offers suitable for the student group, will help the students to find both extra, and summer jobs. There are work offers from virtually all industries and they can seek other than just service jobs, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB and continues:

-We have also seen record figures for applications to universities and colleges for this autumn, which will further increase competition for extra jobs. This makes it even more important with functioning contacts between the companies and the students, says Jonas Levin.

The survey is web-based and had 1,057 respondents. It was sent out to a random sample of students with a Mecenat card.