30 percent up on this year’s Easter egg hunt

When we completed the Easter egg hunt in 2019, it was a huge success with loads of students who took to the streets and looked for our luxurious Easter eggs. This year, for obvious reasons, we ran the entire competition online and it was a successful move. The number of participants in the competition increased by 30 percent from last year’s already high figures.

Last year, several students compared the Easter egg hunt with Pokémon Go when they met plenty of other competitors with a mobile phone in hand in search of the Easter eggs. When Covid 19 developed into a pandemic, it was obvious to call off that arrangement and instead keep the competition online only. And it turned out to be even more appreciated. The number of participants increased by almost one third compared to last year. There are obviously a lot of students sitting at home, being under-stimulated and we have met a lot of appreciation for this competition.

Mecenat’s Instagram account has been the hub for the competition, but we have used most of our channels to promote it. And with a very attractive price table, the increased commitment is easy to understand. The students have competed for 30 Easter eggs hided online and packed with exciting prices from our partners worth thousands of SEK.

The competition ended last Friday and now starts the exciting work to select the lucky winners. All of them will be presented on Mecenat’s Instagram page before Walpurgis Night.