The Mecenat app celebrates 10 years

Throughout May, we celebrate 10-year anniversary of the Mecenat app. Together with our partners, we present exciting and student-unique discounts throughout the anniversary. In addition, there will be competitions and games with new great prizes every week, live broadcasts and much more. And of course, everything happens in the app.

When we launched the Mecenat app 10 years ago, it was news that attracted attention among both students and technology magazines. Well-functioning apps for e-commerce and customer service were still quite unusual and the focus on mobile was far from obvious. But the students have always been early to adopt new trends, not least in technical development, and it was not long before we could count the number of downloaded apps in hundreds of thousands.

Today, we have passed 2.7 million downloads and we have fantastic ratings in both the App Store and Google Play. Just over 95 percent give us the grades four or five out of five possible. Nearly 90 percent of students today use a mobile device when shopping with student discounts. For several years now, public transport companies have only accepted the digital Mecenat card available in the app to verify the right to a student discount on travel. In short, the impact has been fantastic.

-We have always had a close dialogue with the students, and we noticed early on that this was a service they requested. With the app, we moved the student discounts to the students’ mobiles that always accompany them no matter what they are going to do. The fact is that almost 90 percent of students today use their mobile phones to save money with their student discounts speaks for itself, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.