Mecenat in collaboration with Lunar – Sweden’s newest banking app

Mecenat has started an exciting collaboration with the digital bank Lunar. They offer a new banking solution with all services completely online. Their customers, and now also Mecenat’s students, gets access to a completely new bank and financial services directly on their mobile phones. Without having to change banks, students can try out what the new generation of banking services has to offer during the launch campaign. In addition, they receive SEK 150 deposited in their newly started bank account.

Lunar has an offer that takes traditional banking services one step further. They have established themselves very quickly in the banking market and now have over 200,000 customers. Through the student offer at Mecenat, students get, among other things, free control of their money and transactions in a nice and simple app that they can link to their existing bank accounts.

-Banking segment is an industry in change where Lunar has come up with many exciting features. They have a smart app that simplifies for the students and gives them a good overview of their finances. It is good that students can try out these innovative services without any commitments. Then they can learn what they like and need for the future, says Jonas Levin, CEO at Mecenat AB.

-Everyone should be able to manage their money in a simple and sustainable way. Lunar was founded with the ambition of being able to offer a bank that helps ordinary people to a healthy economic lifestyle. Everyone, but especially students, want and need simple solutions to their everyday problems. For us, it feels really exciting and right to, together with Mecenat, be able to offer Sweden’s students a new and easy way to manage their finances, says Mats Persson Bergius, Sweden manager at Lunar.

Lunar has an ambition to become the market’s most sustainable banking alternative. In addition to a free bank account and a nicely designed VISA card made of degradable material, students also receive SEK 150 deposited in their Lunar account as soon as it is registered, and the bank card ordered.