Free marketing for local shops

Retail trade has increasingly faced competition from digital commerce, which has made the situation for smaller local business tough. Therefore, in January, Mecenat made the decision to let them market themselves to the student group free of charge. Recent measures against the spread of the Corona virus have acutely worsened the situation for local trade, making this marketing even more important.

Local discounts are very important for the student group. It’s noticeable how regularly attractive student discounts are used at the local business on the corner. Even before the measures against the spread of the Corona virus, many of them had a tough day in the competition of digital commerce. To make it easier for the local business community we decided, in January, to let them market their goods and services free of charge.

-Our local discount providers have always been incredibly popular. The students find them where they hang out and the providers often offer discounts that are important during their studies and make a real difference in the everyday economy. That’s exactly the core of Mecenat’s operations and it’s therefore obvious that we should support them when the market goes down, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

The offer is aimed at smaller local businesses and all they need to do is contact Mecenat at and we’ll explain how they should go about publishing their student discounts free of charge.