All time high for the number of students with a Mecenat card


For many years, Mecenat have had just over 900,000 unique card holders per year, but now we have made a real jolt and crossed the magical limit of one million. And we have done it with a margin. The exact figure for 2019 is written to 1,187,779 unique students with a Mecenat card.

-The fact that we are increasing the number of students with Mecenat cards to well over a million is an obvious reason to celebrate, but even more exiting is that we are also increasing the share of active students who actually use their student discounts and save money. They clearly show that the work we do for the students is appreciated and that the student discounts we offer really are used, says Jonas Levin, CEO at Mecenat AB

Successful collaborations with both higher educational institutions and other forms of education have captured a greater number of students than before. Thus, we have also been able to offer more students with government study aid a Mecenat card. The general increase in population has also made a different of course along with an increased number of educational places.

The larger group of students has also helped to improve other statistics that have consistently shown positive figures. We have all time high for both visitors to our web, the traffic we have passed on to our partners, the number of purchases with student discount and more.