Mecenat increases web traffic to partners by 97 percent

When we compiled the key figures for our web traffic in 2019, they showed in a record year with a massive increase in both visitors and clicks on student discounts. We have now passed January and can see that this positive trend continues.

An increase of 51 percent of students who visited and almost twice as many who click on our partners’ student discounts. That is a short summary of the web statistics for 2019 when we compare with the previous year.

The explanation seems simple. We have started to collaborate with a lot of new partners who the students have asked for and together with our existing partners they have offered attractive student discounts. Then we want to pat ourselves on the shoulder too. Our sales teams have used their knowledge of the student group when negotiating products and student discounts with our partners. At the same time, our marketing department has communicated the offers with precision and finesse. In short, the result of our long experience and a solid knowledge of the student group.

The product segments that have attracted the most look pretty much like previous years with mobile phones, computers, travel, clothing and books high on the leaderboard. Our student vouchers that were launched after the summer have also made a significant impression in the statistics.

And 2020 has continued with curves that are clearly pointing upwards. Compared to the corresponding period last year, web traffic on in January increased by 22 percent and traffic to our partners increased by 52 percent. The fact that we continue to increase during a recognized bad month for commerce and after intensive weeks with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping with lots of student campaigns is very positive. We look forward to continuing to provide first-class student discounts during 2020.