New record for Mecenat student discounts

During this academic year, Mecenat has generated figures that top previous records by far. Last month, unique visitors increased by 24 percent and mediated student discounts increased by as much as 42 percent.

This autumn, the number of student discounts that Mecenat mediated showed a distinct increase compared to previous year. That trend continued into 2020 and the numbers have grown even more recently. In May, Mecenat has increased the number of mediated student discounts by 42 percent. This means that the students have been able to save millions of SEK in just the last month. When we look at individual partners, many, both large and small brands, have set sales records continuously.

-We work closely with many attractive brands that the students appreciate. This makes it possible to develop student discounts that really make a difference. Respect to everyone involved who has created the opportunities for these unique student offers that have generated record numbers, says Jonas Levin, CEO at Mecenat AB

In the autumn, even more students than before will study at the universities, creating opportunities to continue to deliver new record numbers.