Student discount at Mecenat on electric scooters from VOI Technology

voi3_190319.jpg#asset:872As of today, Mecenat students receive a student discount on the talk of the town; the electric scooter from VOI. This is the result of a new collaboration between Mecenat AB and VOI Technology.

During the two-week launch campaign, Sweden’s students can try a VOI scooter at no cost. They will then receive SEK 50 in bonus each time they charge SEK 100 in their VOI account.

VOI has made a quick journey since its launch in Stockholm last year. From nowhere, electric scooters in a short time became a clear feature of the city and are now an obvious means of transport for a lot of people. What started in Stockholm was followed by Göteborg, Malmö, Lund and Uppsala where they now are available with student discount.

-This cooperation means that the students get a chance to try out a new, flexible and environmentally friendly way to get around town free of charge. Students have always liked flexible solutions and with VOI they can go when they want and where they want with student discounts, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

-Since we at VOI recently were students, we are very happy to finally be able to offer student discounts at VOI! A lot of students have asked if they can get cheaper rides so it feels great that it will be a reality through Mecenat, says Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and founder of VOI.

To test the electric scooters, the students get a discount code at that they use in the VOI app. In order to continue to use the scooters with student discount, they go through a link at Mecenat and fill in their account with bonus.