Very high grades when students review the Mecenat app

Students appreciate their Mecenat app. During the fall, we passed 2 million downloads and they also like what they get. Just over 95 percent give the app very high ratings, and they review it with comments such as “Best, so good discounts, flexible app!! Simple, flexible, good! Absolutely amazing”.

With the app, students get their Mecenat card directly in their mobile phone, together with other smart functionality where they can find everything on the web and a little more. The popularity of the app has contributed to almost 90 percent of students using their mobile phones when searching for and using their student discounts.

-When students are online, they almost exclusively use their mobile phones. Then it’s important that the mobile app is flawless and delivers the functions that the students expect. They are a group that is always at the forefront of development, so our internal development department has to work really hard and smart to get these high grades, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

Another positive effect of the app’s success is that almost all students opt out of the physical Mecenat card in plastic and instead only use the digital card in the app, which is obviously good for the environment.

The figures and reviews are taken from the compiled statistics for the whole of 2020. 95 percent of the students gave the Mecenat app at least four stars in grades.