Mecenat launches mobile app for Mecenat Alumni

Mecenat is now launching a mobile app for its alumni group, which consists of more than 500,000 young professionals who have recently graduated. This will be a seamless transition from student discounts to alumni discounts where they will find all the discounts and offers available on Mecenat’s Alumni website.

Mecenat Alumni is offered to everyone who has recently graduated from their studies and who’s had a Mecenat card. It can sometimes take some time before those who have just graduated have established themselves in the labor market and they can thus have an uncertain financial situation. This is when Mecenat Alumni comes in with discounts and offers.

-Now we increase the availability of the discounts through the launch of the Mecenat Alumni app. There, Mecenat’s young professionals can easily use their phone to search for hundreds of products and services with a discount. It has always felt obvious that we should be able to offer our alumni the same service that they’ve had during their studies, so it is very good that we’ve got there now, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

Mecenat’s alumni have for a long time had a website where they could buy goods and services with an Alumni discount. Now it will be even easier for users to use them. Mecenat’s Alumni app is available for download for iOS and Android.