Continued large increase for Mecenat during third quarter

The numbers have been pointing upwards for a long time now and Mecenat continues to break records. Unique visitors increased by 26 percent and mediated student discounts by almost 50 percent during the third quarter, both to levels that are all time high.

Many e-merchants have reported an increase in sales and many of them have pointed out that it’s mainly older people who now have found e-commerce due to the pandemic. But even the students, who most often lead the development of new behaviors, have been shopping significantly more since the pandemic broke out. Although they are both experienced and established customers of e-retailers, the number of mediated student discounts have increased by almost 50 percent.

-It’s interesting and a little unexpected that the increase is so large, taken in consideration that the students are a group that’s already very active with e-merchants. Without drawing too advanced conclusions, these figures indicate that many students have changed their behavior in a responsible way and are avoiding large crowds in the shops, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

At Mecenat, there is a distinct increase for all segments except for the travel and entertainment categories. In recent weeks, however, these two have made a marked and much-needed recovery.