Mecenat Insights – Students’ expectations at Black Week

iStock-Black-Week.jpg#asset:922Today, Black Week has started, and we have asked a few questions to the students about their plans for the week. And you can’t but wonder if the studies won’t suffer from Black Week, but we’re sure they can combine studying with intensive shopping.

Black Week gets a solid majority of the students’ full attention. They are ready to place their orders and the largest share, 26 percent, will follow an already planned shopping list and spice it up with impulse purchases while looking for the best price. The second largest group, 23 percent, knows exactly what they want and plans to search for just the specific products at the best possible price. 14 percent have a completely opposite strategy and are surfing around with no clear goals and let themselves be inspired before the purchases.

Impulse purchases or not, a lot of the students have a strategic approach to Black Week. 64 percent expect to settle their Christmas gift purchases in the coming week.

38 percent of the students plan to stay on the couch and solve all purchases online, while the rest aim for a combo with both online shopping and checking out the stores. Some of the demands is partly due to pent-up needs. As many as 78 percent have been waiting with purchases they would have made anyway and hope to find the products with a discount in Black Week.

When the students had to choose the three product categories, they were most interested in during Black Week, there were rather big differences between guys and girls on the top list.

Among the girls, 40 percent have stated that they have Clothing & Fashion as their top categories. Second on that list are Make Up & Beauty with 28 percent, followed by Electronics at 24 percent.

For the guys, it’s Electronics in top of the list, also with 40 percent. In second place is Clothing & Fashion at 34 percent and Computers at third with 26 percent.

And it looks like Black Week has a real head start compared to Singles Day when it comes to attracting students. Only 14 percent of respondent’s state that they purchased something during Singles Day 11/11

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The patron makes regular surveys to check the opinions and trends of the students. This survey was about Black Week and ended just before the weekend. This time it has 1 122 respondents. Please refer to the survey, but please state Mecenat as the source.