Bolt taxi service with student discount at Mecenat

bolt_splash-screen.jpg#asset:917Bolt is the taxi service that was called the Uber Challenger when it launched in Stockholm last spring. Two weeks ago they started in Gothenburg and are now offering their taxi trips with both student and alumni discounts through Mecenat in both cities.

The setup is similar to Uber where drivers sign up for the service and customers book the trip in Bolt’s mobile app. Following a successful launch in Stockholm last spring, they are now expanding and have been operating in Gothenburg for two weeks.

In connection with the launch in Gothenburg, Bolt also offers student and alumni discounts on the service in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. Students with a Mecenat card can get a voucher of SEK 110 and the Mecenat alumni one of SEK 100 that they can use for trips with Bolt.

-Taxis are of course comfortable but it is also a much safer way to get home. Especially after late evenings with studying, exam-pubs or maybe after work. The fact that Bolt is now releasing a student and alumni discount through Mecenat means that more people will have the opportunity to try a safer and more comfortable way to get home, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

-We are very much looking forward to offer students and alumni a platform with fair conditions for both driver and passenger. That we together with Mecenat are giving students an opportunity to try on the service feels great since we know that we appeal to the target group. I myself have been a student and know that sometimes you need a smooth way to get from A to B, whether from the exam or the pub, says Nils Wijkmark, Country Manager at Bolt.

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