Mecenat Connect – a brand new way to purchase with student discounts.

Mecenat Connect is a technology solution that enables students to confirm in real-time that they really are students. The students identify themselves via Mecenat, directly in the online store where they want to use their student discount. Junkyard is the first to apply the solution in their web shop and has now launched it in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

-We are constantly working to simplify for the students and make student discounts better and more accessible. Mecenat Connect has been developed in house by our tech team and will in many ways change the way we present student discounts. If you are a student, you will quickly be able to use them directly at our partner’s web shops. It will also make it easier for our partners to convert a visitor to a customer, says Jonas Levin, CEO at Mecenat AB.

Junkyard showed an early interest in implementing Mecenat Connect on its web, and went live a few days ago, as the first partner to Mecenat.

-Everything that distracts and takes unnecessary time is bad. With this solution, students can easily make use of their student discounts. It also shows that we really are a student-friendly company, says Tobias Hilmersson Rydén, market analyst at Junkyard.

Junkyard was first in line but Mecenat Connect will be implemented at more of our partner’s web shops during fall.

How Mecenat Connect works
When a web store has implemented Mecenat Connect, students that are logged in to Mecenat get access to their discounts by a simple click. They can also sign in or create a new Mecenat account without leaving the web-shop.

The only thing the partner needs to do to implement Mecenat Connect is to install a simple java script.

For more information contact:
Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat
Tel: +46 70 689 19 01