Extended collaboration between Mecenat and The Swedish Public Transport Association

The Swedish Public Transport Association has increased the requirements for companies that want to leave a student discount with their affiliated transport companies. Mecenat is one of the two actors that has met the new requirements and thus been commissioned to mediate student travel discounts.

Student discount on regional and local transport is very important in the students’ everyday life. It is the student discount that most of them use almost daily. It is also the one that the students ask for first when the semester starts since they can save money already on the way to the school call.

Swedish Public Transport Association has now developed more specific guidelines for companies that want to provide a student discount and has also increased the requirements. Mecenat is one of two companies that have met the new criteria. They can thus continue to send out the Mecenat card with the student travel symbol to eligible students.

-We are very happy and proud to be able to continue to provide students with the important student travel discounts. This is proof that Mecenat is a well-functioning company that can live up to the demands of a changing market. We are also the largest player that will continue to convey this student discount, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

– We know how important the discounts on local transport are for students. The student travel concept entails, among other things, uniform rules and therefore simplifies everyday life for both students and local transport companies. We have collaborated with Mecenat during the five years that the concept has existed and are happy that the journey now continues, says Johan Wadman, CEO of the Swedish Public Transport Association.

Participating travel companies that give student discounts when the student shows a card with the Student Travel symbol are Blekingetrafiken, Dalatrafik, Hallandstrafiken, Länstrafiken in Kronoberg, Länstrafiken in Kalmar, Länstrafiken in Jönköping, Skånetrafiken, Västtrafik, X-trafik, Östgötatrafiken and Öresundståg.