Mecenat Insights – New mobile phone every third year

A lot of students have high hopes of finding a mobile phone under the Christmas tree. We asked them how they think about the model update of their mobile phones and 68 percent of them state that they change to a new phone at least every third year.

The most common reason for wanting a new one is that the current phone has broken (26 percent) or that it has become too slow (22 percent) and does not optimally handle new operating systems or apps. However, a new model from the favorite manufacturer falls far down the list. Only 7 percent of the students, state that this is the main reason for getting new. So it is clear that there are functional reasons for most of the students when they argue that it’s time to switch to a new phone.

Low monthly costs are, not surprisingly, the most important factor when choosing a new mobile subscription. Free calls and text messages are almost considered mandatory but still important. However, before those on the wish list is free surf, which is also a factor that varies in price among the operators’ offers.

However, less than 9 percent are on a mobile subscription with free surf. The most common is that thy have chosen a subscription which includes 10 GB of surf.

The results are based on a recent survey with 610 responses from the students.