Mecenat and Coop collaborate on student discounts

Mecenat now starts to deliver student discounts from Coop. Among other things, students will receive a 50 percent student discount on selected goods each month. Through the collaboration, students will be able to save hundreds of SEK on healthy food and other items.

Coop is one of Sweden’s largest grocery chains that delivers affordable, sustainable food and has more than 800 stores from Katterjokk in the north to Smygehamn in the south. Thanks to Coop being spread throughout Sweden and having a large selection of groceries and other goods, student discounts can be used by many. In addition to a 50 percent student discount on selected items, new members will also receive attractive welcome gifts as they become members of Coop.

– Coop is one of Sweden’s really big grocery chains with lots of stores across the country. With its wide range and focus on organic products, Coop is now lowering the threshold for students who want to buy good food at good prices. It’s something that will make a difference during the study period, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

– Mecenat is the market leader in reaching out to Sweden’s students. With the collaboration, we want to reach more students and offer them the opportunity to buy food that does good for both the stomach and the planet, at a student-friendly price. Coop is a different company since we are a cooperative and we believe that it is with joint forces that you create change in food-Sweden, says Bodil Jönsson Lindgren, Head of Communications at Coop.

Students who are registered with Mecenat can access their student discounts once they become members of Coop.