Today we relaunch is one of the more visited sites online for those who want to buy or sell course literature. No fees, a large range and fast sales make it popular with both buyers and sellers. We have now spent time updating and renewing both the look and the technology behind it to make it more user-friendly.

The expenses for course literature are something that all students must handle. Swift and foreseeing students can borrow from the library or if they are lucky, they may know someone who has taken the same course recently. For others, it remains to find it as cheap as possible and that’s where comes in. The site has been around for almost 20 years and is an established place for second-hand course literature where students both buy and sell their literature completely free of charge. The entire amount ends up in the seller’s pocket and the buyer pays no fees.

-It is completely in line with Mecenat’s ongoing work to make the money last longer for the students. There is a lot of money to be saved for students by buying used course literature. If they then also can sell it again when they finished the course, they can really cut down on a large expense in student life. Now we have updated the look and functionality that makes it easier for them to both buy and sell their course literature, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB, which owns

Anyone who doesn’t find their book used on can be sure to find it with a student discount at one of Mecenat’s literature partners Adlibris, Bokus or CDON.