Mecenat Touchdown is back on campus

Our digital Mecenat Touchdown has been going online throughout September but now when the restrictions have been lifted, we are moving out into reality. We visit eight campuses from north to south starting tomorrow at Umeå University. There will be lots of giveaways, competitions and of course some extra good offers from several of our partners.

Do you want to do an eye examination free of charge, are you hungry for free snacks, meet Mecenat customer service and ask questions, participate in competitions or maybe just hang out and socialize? Then there are plenty of reasons to come by when this year’s Mecenat Touchdown is coming to campus.

The tour plan looks like this:

8/10 Umeå University
11/10 Uppsala University
12/10 KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
13/10 Södertörn University
15/10 Örebro University
18/10 Jönköping University
19/10 Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
20/10 Lund University

Participating companies are Lensway
where an optician is on site who performs free eye examinations, Marshall
who shows their products and have a competition for speakers, Capgemini
talks about their paid trainee program for students, the Union has a “CV-throwing” competition and distributes goodie bags and at Fello
you can compete for free mobile subscriptions, Estrella contributes chips and Nivea
distributes products from its range.

Mecenat Touchdown is open between 09 – 15 on each campus.