We are now launching Mecenat Alumni

Young professionals are in a phase of life where they are educated, mobile and open to opportunities. It’s an important group for companies and motivated to get a discount when making their first time in the labour market.

-For many of our Young Professionals, the first job after completed education is a trainee job, entry job or temporary position. Sometimes it may take a while before the exam is noticed and you get paid for investing time and money in an education. During this transition, we offer selected discounts in order to cover some of the costs occurring in this exciting time in life, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

Mecenat knows this group very well from their time as students and we now follow them from students over to young professionals in the labour market. At the launch, approximately 600,000 former Mecenat students will be offered access to Mecenat Alumni. Almost 90 percent of the target group is 20-35 years and 58 percent are girls.