Nationwide partner

– a major e-retailer on the Swedish and/or international market, or a
nationwide chain.

Communication channels

Reach the right target group We use over 40 parameters to segment our recipients. A few examples are age, place of residence, university, year of graduation and interests etc.

Sales online

Mecenat's communication drives traffic and sales online. Partners are attached with relevant keywords for the students since many of them use our search function to find their student student discounts. All communications lead to a dedicated partner page at The partner site is the display window for students and contains:

  • Brief presentation of the company
  • Presentation of the unique student discount
  • Current offers
  • Limited time promotions

Only verified students can log in and use the discounts and offers. In that way, you as a partner, can be sure that only students take advantage of the offer.

Digital mailings - high-converting direct communication

In our eDM is the partner alone in the dispatch and the focus is solely on its products and services. The reach is up to 550,000 students.

The partner participates together with 5 to 10 other partners in the mailing. The scope of membership emails is up to 550,000 students.

Push notifications
The interest in both local coupons and student discounts trough the app is great, but also to have access to all student discounts around the clock in the mobile. More than 80% of our users accept push notifications and we currently have over 450,000 monthly users. In push notifications, partners are alone, and the reach is more than 600,000 recipients.

Exposure App/Web

  • Unique partner page
  • Your logo on front page
  • Exposure in map view
  • Student vouchers in app
  • Exposure on web front page

Student vouchers

Digital coupons for physical stores
Student coupons are an excellent opportunity to drive sales in stores, test and launch new products, and build the brand and loyalty of an attractive target group.

The coupons are made available in the Mecenat app with 3.1 million downloads and 450,000 monthly active users.

Enhance communication further with well-segmented push notifications. The notices are sent directly to the mobile and you are seen exclusively as a partner - perfect for quickly getting the students to your store.

Mecenat Touchdown - Event Tour

Reach the students on their home turf

  • Tour for at least two weeks, in connection with the start of the autumn semester, with stops at colleges and universities throughout Sweden
  • Partners get a dedicated space for activities, competitions, product demos and sampling.
  • Partner profiles surface with furniture and materials.

Digital marketing/communication in connection with the tour

  • eDM geographically targeted to each stop
  • Push notifications
  • Email
  • Social channels
  • Campaign webpage – published throughout the summer until the week after the tour
  • Hero header on


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