Students are a unique target group: they adopt new products and services early, set trends and – perhaps most importantly – are future decision makers. We have a close and well-established relationship with this group; a group which is usually hard to reach.

We've located ourselves where students are found, we're a natural part of student life and we're well trusted. A trust we've earned by helping our customers reach the right students with their offers.

Happy partners


"Increasing your customer base is always a challenge. Since partnering with Mecenat, we've seen a clear increase in the number of new customers in Sweden, and naturally we're very pleased."


"We find a dedicated partner in Mecenat, they communicate with students effectivly and they know what students want. As a result the turnover has increased every year since our partnership started."


"Sweden is our largest student market in Europe and Mecenat is both our biggest and our most successful partner in that market."


We have been working successfully with Mecenat since 2006. Mecenat is innovative and highly trusted towards an extremely attractive group of young early adopters. Mecenat build awareness and commitment, as well as increase partner sales.


Mecenat on Campus is the largest student tour. This is where you as a partner has the opportunity to really meet with students through personal meetings. The tour is inclusive of Sweden and we visit throughout the 25 campuses from north to south. Our model is based on three explicit phases - before, during and after.

Through this we create this autumn's "talking point" and engage students even before we visit them. Throughout the tour, we meet a minimum of 60 000 students in their everyday environment and continue to communicate until Christmas through competitions, brand tracking and evaluation.