Swedish students showed impressive commitment when Mecenat had Easter egg hunt


During the Easter week we conducted a competition with our partners where the students could find luxurious gold eggs filled with gift cards and tickets. The result surpassed our high expectations by far. Lots of participants and lots of positive posts in social media. "Have not seen so many run around town, since Pokémon go", commented one of the participating students.

The competition had three tracks, one where physical Easter eggs filled with great prices were hidden in various places around Gothenburg. The hiding places were then marked on the map in the Mecenat app. Zooming in properly, it was possible to see where to look. And the students were really looking, in less than three hours after we published the competition, all the eggs were found.

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to participate, the competition were also published on our campaign page at and on Mecenat's Instagram account where you answered questions and wrote a slogan. And the students were really keen to compete. "Thank you Mecenat for making the whole Easter more fun" and "Amazing Easter Eggs" were some of the comments.

More than 3,000 students submitted their answers and lots of them were out on the streets of Gothenburg looking for the golden eggs. The number of followers on Mecenat's Instagram account increased by 75 percent and more than 800 students commented on the competition. Traffic to our campaign page, where the competition was presented, increased traffic by 110 percent compared to the previous traffic record.

A big thanks you to all participating companies who have contributed fine prices to the 15 Easter eggs:

Way Out West - Festival Tickets
Summerburst - Festival tickets
Apollo - Travel
Richmond & Finch - Mobile Accessories
VOI - Scooter rental
Live it - Experiences
Bread & Boxers - Clothing
Toms - Candy

And an even bigger thanks to all our fantastic students who were involved in this year's Easter Egg Hunt.

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