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When Mecenat asked the students how they prefer to contact their friends, well over half, 65 percent, responded that they send text messages rather than talking on the phone. 19 percent call first but then text if no one answers. Only 16 percent are "old school" and stick to calling only.

How do they differ within the student group?
If we only look at the high school students, the results differ slightly. Somewhat surprisingly, they are more likely to call than the students in university or college. There are still more than half of the high school students texting, but “only” 59 percent. 25 percent call first and 16 percent are only calling.

What channels do they use when texting?
The top three channels for text messages in university and collage are SMS, Messenger and Snapchat. But when we only look at high school students, they have another favorite. Then Snapchat takes first place closely followed by SMS and quite far behind we find Messenger. Somewhat unexpectedly, WhatsApp falls outside top three in both groups.

Phone calls vs. texting
All ages and forms of study
Text messages: 65 percent
Call first, texts if no one answers: 19 percent
Calls only: 16 percent

High School Students
Text messages: 59 percent
Call first, texts if no one answers: 25 percent
Calls only: 16 percent

Top three chat apps
University and collage

High School Students

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