Mecenat in cooperation with women's hockey league

SDHL-skärmdump.png#asset:898Now at the start of the season, Mecenat is launching a collaboration with the Swedish women's hockey league (SDHL) and Espresso House to market the women's hockey to a wider audience. The collaboration gives students who attends SDHL a special offer at Espresso House via Mecenat.

The Swedish women's hockey league gets underway with the first round of the season tomorrow, Friday. To create greater attention of the league game, Mecenat, in collaboration with SDHL and Espresso House, will market specially developed free offers to Sweden's students.

-Sweden has one of the best women's hockey leagues in the world, but it has played an obscured role for many years. Helping them attract new audiences and create well-deserved attention with our marketing channels is a no-brainer, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB.

-Working with Mecenat and Espresso House and be able to give Sweden's students an even better offer than really good hockey feels great. Extra fun also that Espresso House was so tagged when we and Mecenat presented the idea to them on how we together could pay attention to one of the world's leading leagues, says Angelica Lindeberg, commercial manager at SDHL

The collaboration starts tomorrow and extends throughout the season.

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