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Last autumn Mecenat and the owner of conducted negotiations and before Christmas the parties agreed. Through the purchase, Mecenat takes a considerably stronger position in study materials, which makes it possible for students to easily find their books at the best price.

Mecenat thus takes over an established site with good technical solutions, a well-known trading place for the students and a wide range of used literature with high turnover.

- Study materials are a central part of a students' everyday life. With, we can take advantage of coordination benefits and always offer the students the literature they need at the best price. If they don’t find a used version of the book they want, we offer student discounts at the major online bookstores. In that way we can always offer the best possible access and really good prices for the books regardless of whether it is new or used, says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat AB. will continue to operate under its own brand and with the same setup as before. Users add their own book titles, agree on a price, and arrange delivery and payment.

-This complements our offer to the students in a very good way and we get the opportunity to market the service to considerably more students than before. We will also get an increased traffic volume to, benefiting all our partners, concludes Jonas Levin.

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About Mecenat

Mecenat is an international student discount service that can verify 130 million students worldwide. A Scandinavian technology company that develops offers, advocates for the student segment, raises awareness and loyalty. Delivering world class student discounts is about persistence, passion, knowledge, relevance and great technology. Something we continuously developed since 1998. Many of the strongest brands in the world use Mecenat as a business partner for their student discounts.

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