Students can save a lot, using discounts

Autumn means a new start for many students. Some get started on new classes, others go off to new schools, in new cities. Either way, they can save a lot of money by using their student discounts. The examples below, show that a student can get reduced prices on almost anything, from necessary purchases to a little everyday luxury.

Train ticket Malmö– Uppsala
Student saves 178 kr

Student saves at least 1 550 kr

Software – Adobe CC
Student saves 4 836 kr

Laptop bag
Student saves 1 000 kr*

Bag of groceries
Student saves 170 kr

Student saves 110 kr

Contact lenses
Student saves 109 kr

Digital newspaper
Student saves 1 025

Student saves 65 kr

Address exchange service "Adressändring"
Student saves 475 kr

Student saves 810 kr*

Cell phone subscription
Student saves 600 kr

Coffee and sandwisch
Student saves 16 kr

In this set of examples, the student saved a total amount of 10 944 SEK. And this is just a fraction of all discounts that can be found on!

* time limited campaigns in connection with school start

For further info, contact:

Jonas Levin, CEO, Mecenat
cell phone: +46 70 689 19 01

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About Mecenat

Mecenat is an international student discount service that can verify 130 million students worldwide. A Scandinavian technology company that develops offers, advocates for the student segment, raises awareness and loyalty. Delivering world class student discounts is about persistence, passion, knowledge, relevance and great technology. Something we continuously developed since 1998. Many of the strongest brands in the world use Mecenat as a business partner for their student discounts.

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