Students on the inside

During the past two months, the marketing team at Mecenat has had reinforcement from three interns. Caroline Johansson and Magdalena Nilsson from the university of sales & marketing and Kristoffer Wikner from IHM Business School. As a part of Mecenats commitment for students, we strive to offer good and educative internships for ambitious students who express an interest in our operation.

Since we now have three real live students with us, we took the opportunity to interrogate about their view of Mecenat.   

So why did they come to Mecenat?

Since Mecenat has a 97 % brand knowledge among students, it’s not very surprising that they see Mecenat as a future employer and an exciting place for an internship. We asked our interns a little bit more about their relationship with Mecenat and why the came here.

-I thought that Mecenat was an interesting company that works in a different way than a traditional e-commerce company. Mecenat also has a lot of exciting partners, Kristoffer Wikner explained.

-Mecenat is something that you have by your side during your entire education so it has always been a short step to seek an internship here. I also felt that i could contribute with something in a very different way than if i would start at a company that i didn't know much about. Being a student and a part of their target group it’s easier to give input and a real picture of how Mecenat is perceived by students, said Caroline Johansson.

What is the inside perception?

Our interns has been here a couple of months now and they’ve had time to form an idea of how Mecenat operates and how they can apply their education in the workplace.

When we asked about how they see Mecenat today they answered like this;

Caroline explained that she has noticed how Mecenat operates on a daily basis and how we see the student group.

-Mecenat is a company that works hard with not only upholding a good relationship with partners and students, but also their staff. I see Mecenat as a company that works actively with running the daily business according to the guidelines and business plan that has been with them from the start. -Something that stands out is the cause and foundation to always put the student first. What they need, what we can offer and if the offers are truly unique for students, she says.  

Kristoffer says that his picture of Mecenat as a serious company who targets students is confirmed, but he has also noticed how Mecenat truly is driven for the cause of improving the student's life, this is something you can see in the daily work. Magdalena feels that Mecenat is a young and open workplace with a lot of action. I is also a prestigeless place of high ambition.

Our interns give us the opportunity to increase our understanding for how we communicate with the student group and how our communication is perceived Something that all of the interns has observed is that our work is always focused on the student and how we can make their living easier. This is important to Mecenat and our interns has helped to phrase that message.

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