Extraordinary engagement by students


Lately at universities in Odense and Copenhagen a campaign called #richerstudentlife has been circulating. The campaign lets students get together and reach out to businesses to support them by providing student discounts.

-  I think businesses should support us. We are their future employees and also an audience with more purchasing power than you might think. If companies provides us with discounts during the study period, we’ll more likely remain as loyal customers. It should be a win-win, says Sabina Unger, the Swedish student who inspired the project.

With the help of the Swedish company Mecenat, that conveys student discounts, she and other students raised their voices.

- My friends and I discussed which discounts that we really can benefit from. I thought it shouldn't be impossible to obtain. Then I emailed Mecenat and nagged, she says.

At Mecenat, who set up the action, they are very excited about the great response from the Danish students.

- Students are an amazing group of people to work with and this dialogue is very valuable when negotiating with companies. We want to offer the most relevant student discounts, and which they are, the students are the ones to know, Says Paula Eklund, Marketing Director of Mecenat.

Now further more students are joining the initiative.

- Being able to relax from time to time is essential for my survival as a student and every penny that is spared from being pulled from the household budget is welcome. Therefore, I wanted student discounts from Viaplay. It's great that my request became a reality, says Henrik Augustsson, another student who participated in the project.

For further information contact:

Paula Eklund, Marketing Director Mecenat AB.

Tel: +46 31 701 30 62

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