Denmark vs Sweden: Similarities and Differences in the Student Group


Are students as a homogenous group? The clear answer is no. The individuals in the student group differ in many ways. They have different needs and wishes during their studies. We have learnt this by constantly maintaining a close dialogue. Periodically, we ask students in all our markets how they feel about their student discounts. This time we directed our questions to students in Sweden and Denmark. The similarities among students is striking. As are the differences.

A massive percentage of our users in both countries likes and uses student discounts. (Anything else would have been surprising.) Every fourth student appreciates student discounts on tech, telephony and data the most. This applies to both countries, but the Swedes seem more mobile-oriented than the Danes. This tendency is also shown by how they shop online. A significantly larger part of Swedish students are mobile shoppers, compared to the Danes.

The second most popular category in both countries is fashion. Entertainment ranks as third among the Danish students, whereas Swedish students prioritize textbooks.

E-mail continues to be a popular channel
Although social channels are frequently used by the group - Facebook tops in both countries - students prefer to have their student discounts communicated via e-mail. This channel is preferred by 54% of students in Denmark and 44% in Sweden. Once again the Swedes' mobile behaviour is recognisable: Almost a quarter prefer their information as push notifications whereas in Denmark this is a rare request.

In short, not only within the country, but also between countries, there are similarities - and differences. This is good to know, when aiming at communicating with the greatest possible relevance.                     

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