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Discounts on travel are an important and very popular student discount. But for anyone booking a long journey with a student discount it can be quite tricky: if you want to use your student discount on trips from different travel companies, you have to book each journey separately, directly from the travel company.

This is the background to the new Mecenat Student Travel service, and the concept is a simple one: book the whole journey, with a student discount, in one place. For journeys that do not offer a student discount, we show the lowest price available instead.

"Student mobility was the main reason why the government originally mandated the Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN) to set up a system of student discounts. With our new service, we're making it even easier for students and offering the best prices," says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat.

If a student wants to book a trip from Kristianstad in the south to Piteå way up north, you can use Mecenat Student Travel to bring up all the suggested routes to get you there. Prices are quoted including not only Mecenat's student discounts, but also campaign prices and general youth discounts, if the student satisfies the criteria for them.

The new system provides Mecenat with all the information required to offer students the most advantageous price, while at the same time travel companies can rest assured that the system is not being abused: to access the system you need to be a student with a valid Mecenat card.

The service has been developed in partnership with the online travel company Travelnode, which has signed agreements with more than 50 major companies and developed a booking and payment solution that brings all these agreements together under one roof. Development work has been under way for a long time, and the service is being launched in early February 2015. The first stage of the system will include rail and bus travel, but plans are already under way to extend this to include, for example, domestic flights.

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About Mecenat

Mecenat is an international student discount service that can verify 130 million students worldwide. A Scandinavian technology company that develops offers, advocates for the student segment, raises awareness and loyalty. Delivering world class student discounts is about persistence, passion, knowledge, relevance and great technology. Something we continuously developed since 1998. Many of the strongest brands in the world use Mecenat as a business partner for their student discounts.

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