Big companies on tour to meet Sweden's students

The myth of poor students in garrets eating noodles by candlelight is fast disintegrating. Sweden's students today represent an attractive and extremely well-informed target group who are big game for companies. They are socially active consumers who enjoy sharing good relations, but they are also the decision-makers of the future – a group that many companies would like to have on their side.

The Mecenat on Campus tour of Sweden kicks off in Linköping on 3 September and will then roll on across the country, visiting 25 campuses over five weeks. A concentrated effort that is much appreciated by students and Mecenat and their partners alike.

"In 2013, we really scaled up the concept and it proved to be a successful move. The feedback we have received from both partners and students has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition, we brought back with us a lot of valuable feedback from Sweden's students. Comments that we can use to improve and develop our offering and give our students even more and better student discounts," says Jonas Levin, CEO of Mecenat.

Mecenat is extremely well-known among Sweden's students, with a brand recognition of 97 per cent according to a recent survey. Virtually all the students recognise the wallet or mobile card that provides access to student discounts on lots of different products and services.

Companies are now becoming much more interested in students as a consumer group and consequently Mecenat is also becoming increasingly well-known within commerce and industry as the obvious channel for any company wanting to reach out to Sweden's students.

When the Mecenat trailer rolls into a new campus, the ambition is to create a one-day festival with lots of entertaining and useful elements, for example, a competition with radio-controlled cars where students compete both individually and campus against campus - alongside great offers and qualified advice from a group of really interesting companies.

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